A Patented Solution

“The Future of Medicine.” 

“Over the past decade, a wealth of scientific validation has emerged to support the role of diverse phytonutrients as frontline defense against a host of diet-related diseases from heart disease to cancer.  Phytonutrients are the future of medicine.”  

Dr. Jennifer Toews, USDA

The Five Elements of Our Nutrition Calculator


We identify the most nutrient rich foods. 

Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that are imperative to life. In order to live healthy you must be fully nourished. 

Not all foods are created equal. Our patented solution has scored thousands of foods so people can get the most nutrients per calorie and dollar.


We identify the foods that heal you.

Research shows God’s five colors of phytonutrient help your body body, but each color of food heals different conditions.

strongerCatholic has scored each food based on their concentration of phytonutrients and the conditions they impact. 


Fats, Carbohydrates and Protein

Knowing where to get the macronutrients you need is critical to losing weight and living healthy.

We’ve scored thousands of foods based on their ratio of nutrients to calories


Foods that cause harm

Research shows that processed foods actually deplete the body of vital nutrients, while causing diseases.

Nutrition Calculator scores foods on their negative impact on your diet and health.

Cost vs Nutritional Value

The most nutrients for the dollar

Most American families are struggling to make ends meet.

Finding foods that offer the most nutrients for the dollar is critical to people adopting and complying with a nutritional program.

ROMAINE has approximately 5X the nutrients than ICEBERG for the same money.

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